Remote Support

Live on-line computer service and support

We provide high quality, affordable on site computer repair, live on-line support
and managed email security services that protect your network against Viruses and SPAM

Our on-site computer, Internet and networking services include help with setup, troubleshooting, backup, maintenance, training, repair and technical help across a variety of operating systems.

  • Internet Broadband/ADSL connections
  • Spam & Virus protection service
  • Live Online & telephone support
We support the following operating systems and software:

  • Windows XP and later
  • MS Office
  • We also support many other open source & specialized programs – feel free to inquire on any problems you are having with a particular program or hardware installation.
Services & Prices:
On Site Service – In Phuket
Travel Time – In Phuket
Travel & Support Outside Phuket
Live on line support – 600 Baht connection fee plus
1,000 Baht per hour
1,000 Baht per hour
Please ask for quote
15 Baht per minute

Please read the SUPPORT AGREEMENT before signing up for our services

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